About SNAP Quality Control (QC) data

The SNAP Quality Control data are an edited version of the raw data file generated by SNAP’s QC System, which is composed of monthly case reviews conducted by State SNAP agencies. The SNAP QC data contain detailed demographic, economic, and SNAP eligibility information for a nationally representative sample of SNAP participants. The data, produced annually, are well suited for tabulating characteristics of SNAP participants.

This site provides access to the public use version of the SNAP QC data in SAS, Stata, SPSS, and CSV formats, as well as the accompanying technical documentation and replicate weights.

SNAP Quality Control Data

Access the most recent fiscal year data file, or browse all data files from fiscal year 1996 to the present.

Note: Fiscal year 2018 data have been reweighted using updated FNS Program Operations data. Both the reweighted and original data are available on this site.